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Welcome to our website for the Last Chaos guild Disorder. We are found on the server Tairen. Most of us are usually hanging out on T-6.

Disorder is a level 10 guild.

Don't forget to shout (box to the left) if you're just checking in.
It only takes 10 shouts to win the coveted Loud Mouth Award

Counsil: DrezyLyn, PeepInWindowz
Advisors: Draconis1741, LightKnights and Belle
GM: Kiree

To change your posting handle/name see the topic in the Forum for Members Only.
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I'm Back

Belle8706, Feb 17, 11 4:12 AM.
I'll be on as much as I can. I'm in school so I'll have moments where I won't be on at all or for a small amount of time, but i'll try my best. Hope to see you guys there. XD

Char Change

Belle8706, Nov 29, 10 2:34 AM.
K everyone i changed my main to Baze. So if you're on and you need help, look for me. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

KireeLC, Nov 25, 10 1:20 AM.
Enjoy the Holiday if you've got it.  Eat too much. Watch Football.  Heck whatever it is you do do it in excess.

Attendance System

KireeLC, Nov 18, 10 5:32 PM.
The Attendance System is back and now offers a boost to your Skill Point gain! Play Last Chaos for half an hour or more each day and you could earn a max of 10% SP every day you play!

Moon Cake Event

KireeLC, Nov 17, 10 1:40 AM.
Another Server Event.  My event notification said it started and ended in Oct 2006. LOL.
However it looks like its working.  I've collected 1 each of the ingredients.  You turn them in to Loraine for a 70% chance to make a Moon Cake.  Then you turn 10 Moon Cakes in to Loarain for a 50% chance to make Full Moon Cakes. You turn Full Moon Cakes in to the Domain Merchant in Juno.  She gives you 'something' depending on the quality of your Moon Cake.

Lotus Seed
Egg Yokes

Thats it.

Moon Cakes are part of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival is for lunar worship and moon watching; mooncakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy on this occasion. Mooncakes are offered between friends or on family gatherings while celebrating the festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the four most important Chinese festivals.

New Contest TBA Sunday 11/21

KireeLC, Nov 16, 10 5:05 PM.
The next Contest will use screenshots.  Details will be announced Sunday 11/21.

Castle Run

dyldoking114, Nov 15, 10 6:50 AM.
Don't forget to sign up for Castle Run if you're interested. :)
Your friendly adviser/officer dylan


KireeLC, Nov 12, 10 2:55 AM.
VOTES are tallied and we have the winners!
Grande prize goes to #4 by Drezilin with 7 points and 4 votes. 5 Heaven Stones and 5,000,000 gold.
2nd place goes to #1 by Draconis1741 with 7 points and 3 votes. 3 Heaven Stones and 3,000,000 gold.
3rd place was tied in a dead heat:
  #6 by ShadowOfDoom with 5 points and 2 votes. 1 Heaven Stone and 1,000,000 gold.
  #9 by Belle with 5 points and 2 votes. 1 Heaven Stone and 1,000,000 gold.
so they will each get the 3rd place prize.

We had 7 voters total.

Great art by all and I hope everyone enjoyed the contest as much as I did.

Thanks also to LightKnights for his contribution of 4 Heaven Stones and 4 Million in gold to the prizes.

Nacorvich Has a New Main - Draconis1741

KireeLC, Nov 9, 10 3:27 AM.
Nac has changed his main and also his advisor to Draconis1741

*** WARNING ***

KireeLC, Nov 6, 10 7:55 AM.
There is a scam going around the server.  Insmord tried it on me.  They offer to give you 2500ap all they need is your ID and password.  ITS A SCAM.  Gamesages/GameMasters never need your password or account ID.
They are using many different names.
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We welcome players who are looking for a guild that is fun, helpful and friendly. We enjoy helping new players get started and on a good path to building a strong toon to play LC with for many years to come.
What goes around comes around and we expect that soon you will be able to help too!
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